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Local transportation

Local transportation

See the information below to plan your travel between your accommodations and the Western University campus.

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Public transit

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For those that require day parking during Congress 2020, please use the following designated parking lots. Attendees need to pay to park in these lots.

  • South Valley Parking Lot (next to Congress Hub/WSRC)
  • Huron Flats Parking Lot (near EHR)
  • Medway Parking Lot (behind ELHR)

On campus accommodations includes complimentary parking at designated parking lots. Please inquire at the front desk when you check in.

For information on accessible parking locations on campus, please go to the Accessible Parking on Campus website.

Western Parking Lots and Meters
Honkmobile (download to pay for visitor parking in Western lots)



Checker Limousine

London Green Taxi


Yellow London Taxi


Ride share

Uber is available in London, ON